Bobby Ouyang, CEO and co-founder of SkyBrowse, is a public safety drone instructor, software developer and inventor. He has done software development and research on the Air Traffic Incident Management System (Air-TIMS), funded by the U.S. Dept of Transportation in 2016. Various federal contracts led to the invention of SkyBrowse’s autonomous drone flight, video-based 3D modeling, and what he calls “One-tap simplicity” – meaning, one can just tell Siri to fly her drone and … voilà!

Bobby will be telling attendees how to use video-based 3D modeling and other tools to simply operate their drones, using methods employed at SkyBrowse. He is the coauthor of SkyBrowse’s accident site reconstruction platform and trains law enforcement on best drone practices. He is respected for having introduced one-tap simplicity with 3D modeling throughout the world.

Bobby will discuss how to create 3D scans from single-camera drone flights, how to use his patented videogrammetry technology, which allows for rapid 3D reality capture and how his company designed and developed a solution for crime and accident reconstruction.


  • How to use a single tap – or the tap of two buttons on an app – or command (“hey Siri!”)
  • To fly one’s drone
  • 3D modeling tools to analyze and scope out buildings, topography, and accident scenes
  • Selling across multiple verticals, including utility, construction, mining, environmental
  • Accident, and crime scenes
  • How to design custom applications