Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Dan Brown, founder and creative director of Precise 3D Scans in Greensboro, SC, calls himself “an immersive virtual experience professional helping partners close deals faster with interactive 3D & VR content.” For Drone Con, he will be showing how he combines drones and 3D scanning to create unique solutions. He also will show how he combines drone scans and video with interior scans.

Dan Brown is both a scientist and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience working in various industries including being the founder and creative director of Precise 3D Scans. Dan specializes in helping business esengage their customers and increase sales via immersive virtual experiences of their physical locations. He is also the former scientist and chemist with Colgate Palmolive.

His belief is that virtual experiences can showcase properties and projects of all kinds. A significant amount of data confirms it, he says. At Precise 3D Scans, he “supercharges” sales and marketing content with the most productive virtual experiences the Triad region of North Carolina has to offer. He and his team create immersive online experiences that turn prospects online into confirmed sales. “We can make any facility or future project look its best with professional imagery, architectural renderings, and easy-to-navigate 3D virtual tours,” he says.

Dan Brown

Marc Langley

Marc Langley, Hartford, CT-based CEO at Airborne Works & founder of the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program, promises that those who attend his classes will receive the best possible opportunity to leverage their newfound knowledge into steady income within the UAV / UAS industry. Specifically he will show how one can generate 1-4 cm horizontal & 3-8cm vertical accuracy with GNSS points real-time with a GIS collector and using this data for outstanding 3D mapping deliverables for your clients. He will take you from the theory of photogrammetry, how sensors work both aerial and ground-based, to providing vital data for post-processing. How to acquire data sets through automated missions on different platforms, producing precision-sharp 2D and 3D products. The proper use and application of ground control points (GCP) collection. He will provide case study results and also touch on how lidar can be married into
your workflow. “Some of the workflows to be shared are the same we pioneered for the EPA, and other, first of their kind environmental mapping missions” he says, “We have been told by the EPA our work as help save countless ours in the field” Bullet points for attendees are:

  • Photogrammetry theory / accuracy
  • Drone mapping / surveying planning apps, the online/cloud-based and desktop software aerial imagery processing applications
  • Flight deployment
  • Ground-control points layout
  • Multi-rotor or fixed-wing drones mapping best sites
  • Mapping data workflows
  • Processing data
  • DSM vs. DTM: What’s the difference?
  • Data analytic and reporting tools
  • Integration of ground-based Lidar data for enhanced
  • Little known growth industries for drone operators

Those who attend this session, be they beginners or more experienced drone operators, will walk away with a much better understanding of UAV mapping and modeling theory as well as learn the latest tools and workflows. They will also have a much clearer understanding of how to best quiz a client so as to assure the best possible deliverable. Attendees will also have learned how to pitch new and existing services and other offers that you will learn about from our other speakers.

Dan Brown

Curt Meinhold

Curt Meinhold has 25 years’ experience helping startups get off the ground – which he will do with your drone biz. After all, he is considered the “professor of the drone business” and owns “The Drone Show”, which he began in the fall of 2016 with his neighbor, a pilot. The company helps Realtors view properties via photography and video obtained by drone.

He has spent 25 years in tech helping startups and established organizations design and develop solutions. He started The Drone ShHow in 2017 to help residential Realtors in the Triad, North Carolina area better present properties and sell inventory faster.

Since its founding, the Drone Show has amassed several clients including Vulcan Materials, Colliers International and local real estate agents affiliated with Keller Williams.

“We did about $1,000 for the month of October,” Meinhold said in 2017. Soon, they were doing $3-$4,000 monthly and he now in fall 2021, estimates that business is worth triple that. Curt will discuss how to structure one’s drone business, how to get it figuratively and literally off the ground, and how to scale the business after launch.

Take Aways:

  • How to scale the business
  • How to structure the business
  • How to get the drone business to – literally and figuratively – take off
Dan Brown

Gene Robinson

Gene Robinson, considered “the grandfather of drone use for search and rescue”, authored “First to Deploy – Unmanned Aircraft for SAR & Law Enforcement“, the first how-to book on UAS use in suspicious activity reporting (SAR). Gene is also co-founder and COO of Drone Pilot Inc. (DPI).

Gene has developed a rigorous curriculum incorporating current FAA regulations, professional operation, safety in the field, and communication with traditional manned pilots/air traffic control. He will share how much of the training program comes from his experience. “I train public safety professionals including police, fire, and sheriff who must undergo significantly more public scrutiny,” he says. “I have cataloged a unique perspective in their processes, requirements, uses, wish lists of future uses, and challenges, and helped them promote UAVs through public appearances.”

Gene’s curriculum has been tapped to cultivate training programs and testing exercises at agencies including Texas Engineering Exchange (TEEX), Homeland Security’s Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS), and many universities, and private training programs. He has also been a source of information for many operations including the military, such as the Texas State Guard.

At Drone Con he will discuss and demonstrate a new and innovative imaging software, that few people even know exist, you do not want to miss this session! He will show how you can leverage drone imaging to efficiently find colors or foreign objects at the pixel level, in seconds as apposed to hours or days. This same technology can also be used; to find faults in structures, environmental and utility application inspections and other ways to use color spotting in business-use cases.


  • Custom business use cases for color identification
  • Utilities, environment, search and rescue, structures, and mining
  • Asset identification
  • Asset damage
  • Asset location
  • Thermal imaging – identify bad thermal window panes
  • Thermal bridging
  • Insulation faults
  • Water leaks/damage
Dan Brown

Bobby Ouyang

Bobby Ouyang, CEO and co-founder of SkyBrowse, is a public safety drone instructor, software developer and inventor. He has done software development and research on the Air Traffic Incident Management System (Air-TIMS), funded by the U.S. Dept of Transportation in 2016. Various federal contracts led to the invention of SkyBrowse’s autonomous drone flight, video-based 3D modeling, and what he calls “One-tap simplicity” – meaning, one can just tell Siri to fly her drone and … voilà!

Bobby will be telling attendees how to use video-based 3D modeling and other tools to simply operate their drones, using methods employed at SkyBrowse. He is the coauthor of SkyBrowse’s accident site reconstruction platform and trains law enforcement on best drone practices. He is respected for having introduced one-tap simplicity with 3D modeling throughout the world.

Bobby will discuss how to create 3D scans from single-camera drone flights, how to use his patented videogrammetry technology, which allows for rapid 3D reality capture and how his company designed and developed a solution for crime and accident reconstruction.


  • How to use a single tap – or the tap of two buttons on an app – or command (“hey Siri!”)
  • To fly one’s drone
  • 3D modeling tools to analyze and scope out buildings, topography, and accident scenes
  • Selling across multiple verticals, including utility, construction, mining, environmental
  • Accident, and crime scenes
  • How to design custom applications