Dan Brown, founder and creative director of Precise 3D Scans in Greensboro, SC, calls himself “an immersive virtual experience professional helping partners close deals faster with interactive 3D & VR content.” For Drone Con, he will be showing how he combines drones and 3D scanning to create unique solutions. He also will show how he combines drone scans and video with interior scans.

Dan Brown is both a scientist and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience working in various industries including being the founder and creative director of Precise 3D Scans. Dan specializes in helping business esengage their customers and increase sales via immersive virtual experiences of their physical locations. He is also the former scientist and chemist with Colgate Palmolive.

His belief is that virtual experiences can showcase properties and projects of all kinds. A significant amount of data confirms it, he says. At Precise 3D Scans, he “supercharges” sales and marketing content with the most productive virtual experiences the Triad region of North Carolina has to offer. He and his team create immersive online experiences that turn prospects online into confirmed sales. “We can make any facility or future project look its best with professional imagery, architectural renderings, and easy-to-navigate 3D virtual tours,” he says.