Gene Robinson, considered “the grandfather of drone use for search and rescue”, authored “First to Deploy – Unmanned Aircraft for SAR & Law Enforcement“, the first how-to book on UAS use in suspicious activity reporting (SAR). Gene is also co-founder and COO of Drone Pilot Inc. (DPI).

Gene has developed a rigorous curriculum incorporating current FAA regulations, professional operation, safety in the field, and communication with traditional manned pilots/air traffic control. He will share how much of the training program comes from his experience. “I train public safety professionals including police, fire, and sheriff who must undergo significantly more public scrutiny,” he says. “I have cataloged a unique perspective in their processes, requirements, uses, wish lists of future uses, and challenges, and helped them promote UAVs through public appearances.”

Gene’s curriculum has been tapped to cultivate training programs and testing exercises at agencies including Texas Engineering Exchange (TEEX), Homeland Security’s Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS), and many universities, and private training programs. He has also been a source of information for many operations including the military, such as the Texas State Guard.

At Drone Con he will discuss and demonstrate a new and innovative imaging software, that few people even know exist, you do not want to miss this session! He will show how you can leverage drone imaging to efficiently find colors or foreign objects at the pixel level, in seconds as apposed to hours or days. This same technology can also be used; to find faults in structures, environmental and utility application inspections and other ways to use color spotting in business-use cases.


  • Custom business use cases for color identification
  • Utilities, environment, search and rescue, structures, and mining
  • Asset identification
  • Asset damage
  • Asset location
  • Thermal imaging – identify bad thermal window panes
  • Thermal bridging
  • Insulation faults
  • Water leaks/damage